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From brand design, to marketing materials, to social media; we have got you covered! So if you are ready to invest in your dream and take your business to the next level, check out the services we have to offer!



This option is perfect for you if you are ready to create an awesome look for your biz that you'll be proud to show off to all of your friends, family, and clients. If you want your brand to make a killer first impression and truly stand out from the crowd while looking fresh, modern, and professional - then you are in the right place! 


What it includes: 

+ 3 logo concepts and 3 logo revisions (black + white AND color)

+ 3 customized color palettes to choose from

+ 1 alternative logo

+ Personalized font combinations

+ Additional branding elements such as patterns, textures, etc.

+ Branding style board complete with style guide

+ All final high-res design files via Google Drive

Starting at $500  {20 hours at $25/hr}




STEP ONE: The very first step will be to fill out a creative brief that I will supply to you so that I can get an understanding of your biz + vision. I will also do my own analytical research to learn more about your company, your audience, and your competition!

STEP TWO: Next we get inspired - if you don't already have a clear idea for your logo, we can brainstorm and begin the creative foundation by creating two mood boards for your brand. I will provide you with 3 logo concepts to choose from, along with cohesive fonts and color schemes based on our mood boards. We will go through three rounds of revisions to make sure that you are 100% content!

STEP THREE: Finally, everything comes together on your official and complete style board - this includes the personalized style guide as well, which is my SUPER helpful list of guidelines for you on how to best implement each of the individual brand elements correctly and to their FULL potential for your biz! 



This option is perfect for you if you are looking to get the buzz going to promote your biz! Word of mouth is one of the best ways to network, and if you want to get people talking, then some signature marketing materials are essential for maximum exposure! Whether it's print or digital - our graphics will help you look more credible and dependable so that you can get ahead of the game and stay ahead! 


What it includes:

+ Custom-made business cards

+ Blog post graphics

+ 3D E-books

+ Interactive worksheets

+ Facebook ads

+ Flyers, posters, brochures

+ Realistic visual mock-ups

+ 2 rounds of revisions

Starting at $500  {20 hours at $25/hr}




The process for this package will vary depending on which materials you choose, but overall the concept is pretty simple! If you don't already have a clear brand identity, then take a look at our Brand Design service to see how we can help! If your brand is already legit and defined, then this will be easy! 

STEP ONE: First you will decide which of these marketing materials you need.

STEP TWO: Provide me with any information that you would like me to incorporate into the graphic.

STEP THREE: Sit back and let me work my magic! 

STEP FOUR: If necessary, we will go through two rounds of revisions to make sure your materials are PERFECT and EXACTLY to your liking.

See? I told you, easy!



This is your option if you are looking to gain back hours of your day! Engaging with your audience is a key element in growing your followers, but let's be honest - on social media the WORLD is your audience, so that takes time! Along with that, having someone there to create and manage your content is also a MAJOR time saver. We make sure all of your platforms look professional and consistent across the board, and we stay on top of the trends to make sure you stay relevant. Let us help you manage the workload and develop your brand voice!


What it includes:

+ Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or Pinterest

+ Account set up

+ Brand integration

+ Copy/content/blog post writing

+ High-converting social media graphics

+ Track and manage follower growth

+ Audience engagement

+ Weekly content calendars

Starting at $200 per week for 1-2 platforms {10 hours at $20/hr}

Starting at $400 per week for 3-4 platforms {20 hours at $20/hr}




Depending on which social media platforms you need help managing, the process will vary slightly, as each platform requires a unique management style. I would love to chat with you directly about your specific goals!